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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well good wednesday morning to you. it is 4:30 and look who it is. >> i came back. they opened the door to me. thank you. a lot to get to this morning. how are you this morning? >> i'm pretty happy about that big giant win good morning to you. we are looking good to you. to kick off the day where you can actually see we have are really thick fog. visibility up there down to about a mile. as we het head throughout the
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morning hours. wash out for the bridges especially. right? >> yes, we are here in san jose. the traffic on the 101 is not the problem. this is north of 680. the map will show you the entire northbound routes. we have word of what sounds like a deadly crash. the expressway. we'll give you more information in a couple of seconds. right now we are seeing a heavier commute in the south bay. we are seeing a lighter flow for the rest of the week. little cloud cover over towards the san francisco. we'll have a lighter flow into the city. back to you guys. >> all right mike. we'll start with breaking news.
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police on the scene of an overnight deadly crash. a person was hit and killed by a car. east capitol expressway. right now the off ramp is closed. we have a crew headed to the scene. >> this after two more under water pings were detected. that makes four in the same area over the past few days. officials say those are getting weaker as a result of the black box dying. after narrowing down the search area would be like looking for
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an object the size of a desktop computer in a city the size of la. >> transformer caught fire. the flames very small. but you smay have seen it. huge. some embers did while fall. >> san bruno police are looking for suspects responsible for three robbery ares near commodore park. another man robbed in a restroom. the pair of robbers demanded a victims phone and wallet.
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police plea t police believe the robberies are related. >> heart bleed bug is open in ssl software is meant to make it harder to steal your data. the firm found the bug while doing tests on its own products. he was able to get his yahoo! user name using that bug. the problems been there for about two years. 70% of web servers use that soft w wear. it has all right fixed the
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problem. >> the phone from a san francisco cafe shows the suspect sthag arian moon's things after she got up to use the restroom. two days later someone noticed the suspect in the financial district. she followed him into the starbuck's. >> now the suspect paul ranow was arrested monday. no word yet on what charges will be filed. she believes a bold thief is now off the streets. >> a former presidential candidate is in the area today. ron paul is said to speak on the views on the american political
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system. he is set to speak tomorrow as well. >> hillary clinton is set to be back in the area tomorrow. yesterday she gave the key note address and did not come out and say. but did drop some hints that she could be planning a 2016 presidential run. >> the hard questions are do you want to be president. can you win? the hard questions are why, why would you want to do this and what, what can you offer that would make a difference? >> clinton will head to sante fe tomorrow. >> the protest begins at noon outside the emergency room in the hospital. they say conditions are unsafe for patients. >> popular bay area lake filled
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with traces of mercury needs to be cleaned up. they will discuss ways to split up the lake to improve it's water quality. one area on the left divides the area with a lake and park space. it shows a large open park space with a creek and open space on the left. >> right now more efforts are underway to protect our water. thousands will attend our earth expo. it will have food and free items to give away. turning now to our forecast as we look outside this morning. let's go to san francisco. can you make it out? >> let's head down to the
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peninsula to palo alto this morning. >> good morning to you. welcome back laura. we have a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are mild out there but the fog is going to play a factor. especially if you are waking up with us near the water. we are going in and out here as well. another warm one, but not as warm here as yesterday. it is early for that. 57 degrees in san jose. 50 degrees in half moon bay right now. 8 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. not quite as warm out there. we don't see temperatures like that until june, july and august. we are going to cool you off and
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give you showers as well. 73 for the east bay. try valley is at 85 degrees. right now let's say good morning. >> we are looking over here. feels really good across the span. fog in san francisco. you can see the high-rise that is in the middle of your screen. easy flow for your bay area freeways. at 280, that whole interchange there continues with the brunt of the construction there. this is the issue the deadly crash that we have been reporting over here near the expressway that stretch, 82 center road is closed off. just to the north tony road is a great connecter there. avoid that for the time being. we got this video in here.
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they are flashing lights. so use monteray highway. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> 4:40 still ahead today. new unrest in the ukraine. plus a gruesome scene in a south african courtroom. >> and the battle over smartphones. a south bay judge's warning to people attending the high profile apple samsung trial.
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welcome back. this is in the north bay. it is 4:43:emotional morning for oscar pistorius. giving evidence of his murder trial give iing an account of h
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he killed reeva steemkamp. paragraphs were shown of her head wound. he appeared distraught saying he did not have to look at the p photo because he was there when she died. the u.s. is on high alert this morning in lucance. 60 people are being held host e hostage. u.s. thinks usual th s russian it. >> it is not acceptable that the
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u.s. is facing this and standing on on the side lines and not doing anything about it using their military. >> models are being recalled citing a defective engine starter. two fires have been reported. for a full list of the models under recall head to our website. >> biggest battle in the federal court case between apple and samsung is getting people to turn off their phones in court. court watchers are hogging the court's wifi and that slows down the judge's connection to her realtime transcript to the court's proceedings. in one case a professor was
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caught taking pictures and that is a real no no in court. she says she may force everyone to hand over cell phones. >> book released today called lean into graduates. we'll talk to her live about her book and her future with facebook. we could learn more today what effect any that merger could have with consumers. she is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> yes, we had both sides presenting information today.
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comcast the parent company of nbc universal. lawmakers say this merger raises important questions about how americans access pay tv and the internet. futures in the meantime are pointing to a higher open after the market broke a losing streak and later this afternoon they will be looking at the minutes after last month's fed minutes looking at clues when the feds might start to raise interest rates. and gm is reportedly planning to sell a lower priced version of the chevy volt. the cheaper volt priced at about $30,000 will have a smaller battery pack and a shorter driving range.
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gm is trying to jump start the electric car. despite heavy discounts and incentives. no doubt all of the headlines of the recall don't help either. thank you very much. the volt is coming down in price. $30,000 still expensive car. >> that's a good forecast. >> sounds like a touch of summer. it was warm. a lot of people getting to bed tough with that warm round of weather. as you head throughout the day today it will not be as cool as you head throughout the day today. we have a stubborn ridge of high pressure. so, more change ahead. that is what you can get used to around here today. the normal pattern near the weather department. our inland valleys, are where we
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are seeing that thick fog this morning. travel cautiously out there. we are expecting more of that fog to develop near the morning hours. 54 degrees right now up in the north bay a cold start to the day and a warm finish. not too warm out there. 66 degrees for san francisco and 77 in the north bay. those microclimates start to make an appearance. and then we'll see a mostly clear sky for the whole bay area. mostly sunny. afternoon looking good and then that fog reason ares as we get into your evening commute. we'll warm you up a little bit into tomorrow. showers arrive getting into the week. we'll talk more about that coming up. hard to beat that scott and
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laura. that is a nice day, what do you think? >> 4:49. in the first few hours president obama and the first lady will honor the victims of the shooting at ft. hood. this is the second deadly shooting rampage at ft. hood in five years. >> in less than two weeks hundreds of bay area runners will participate in last year's bombings. i have a young man myself who has waited for me at many finish lines.
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as we well remember, last year a boy lost his life waiting for his dad at the finish line. more than 250 others were hurt at that attack. a thrilling home opener for the giants. but it was what happened before the game that brought more than 40,000 fans to their feet. >> oakland traffic here. losing the sight in the city. we are watching this crash coming up.
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it was a perfect day at the park for the giant's home opener today. >> bat kid managed to steal our heart all over again. >> he was severely beaten in the parking lot of dodger's stadium
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as you know. >> 5th home run of the year in the first inning. they beat the diamond backs 7-3. tim hudson. >> it feels great to be back out there competing. it was nice. the fans were awesome. it was a great day. >> general manager said he is probably at the end of his rope with contract talks. he wants five years $90 million.
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we will call your attention to a tragic video here. we will follow this. meanwhile the impact to your traffic flow is the issue for the expressway for center road. can barely make out the san francisco side. we'll track this at well guys. send it back to you. >> prince george had a play date in new zealand today. >> look at this.
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he looks like his father. he was among other babies. the play date scheduled for prince george during his over seas trip. >> still to come. new pinks in the indian ocean. the latest efforts for the missing malaysian airlines plane.
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and that does mean alternate as far as your local commute coming up. >> plus toyota recalling millions of cars causing an issue that could cause serious injuries. >> and winds transporting thick
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low cloud cover. another look outside. this is wednesday. april 9th. this is today in the bay. two busy roads shut down in san jose today. live near the intersection and east capitol chase? >> reporter: scott, police are saying this is a hit and run situation. there is an adult man dead here on the expressway behind me. we will push into the scene. aside from the police lights there. this is a dark stretch o


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